Integrations - Points

Users who deposit into specific yield sources integrated by the protocol have the opportunity to earn yields from those protocols while also gaining Napier points, LRT points, EigenLayer points, and more.

Below is a breakdown of the yield sources supported along with a how to of how to deposit to ensure rewards are earned.

Integrated Protocol

Current protocol integrations with points tracking



  • Renzo

  • Puffer

  • Swell

  • Kelp DAO

  • Bedrock

  • Vector Reserve

  • YieldNest

  • Origin Protocol (primeETH)

  • Inception LRT

  • Asymmetry

  • and more...


  • Redacted/Dinero

  • Origin Protocol (OETH)

  • and more...


  • Curve Llamalend

  • and more...

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