Llama Race

As of April 10th, 1pm UTC, Napierโ€™s Llama Race went live, marking Llama Raceโ€™s official launch to the public.


  • Llama Race went live on April 10th.

  • Earn points through various activities within Napier and Curve ecosystem.

  • Participate early gets you the more points.

  • 5% of the NPR token total supply will be allocated to this Llama Race at most.

  • We are committed to finalizing the duration of the Llama Quest campaign in almost 6 months time


  • The Llama Race program is a loyalty program within Napier and Curve ecosystem.

  • Your contributions are visible through Napier points.

  • The total supply of Napier points during Llama Race is equal to 3% of the total NPR token supply.

  • And if the community reaches a milestone of $1B in TVL, including in Curve pools, this percentage will increase to 5%.

  • There are various activities like Llama Quest, where users can earn Napier points during the Llama Race.

  • And there is a rank system with illustrations that change over 19 levels. The more Napier points you earn, the higher your rank. As your rank promotes, your illustration becomes rarer.

  • We are committed to finalizing the duration of the Llama Quest campaign in almost 6 months time, or when Napierโ€™s TVL (including Curve pool) reaches $1bn US Dollars, whichever happens the soonest.


  • Please note that the Llama Race campaign is specifically aimed at long-term participants and users of the system.

  • Do not participate in the campaign if your intention is to farm and dump a quick airdrop. You will be disappointed. This is not a psyops.

  • Users who withdraw within 5 days before the end of Llama Race will not be eligible for an airdrop.

  • Any blatant sybil attempts or manipulation attempts will result in no airdrop

Other notables

The protocol reserves the right to review and remove any instances of users gaming the referral point program. This program is meant to promote the ecosystem and is not designed for users to gain an unfair advantage through wallet manipulation tactics.

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