What is the Napier Finance?

Napier Finance is a liquidity hub for yield trading, focused on unlocking the full potential of Curve ecosystem. Napier allows users with versatile yield management strategies and opens doors for any fixed-term asset can be listed on Curve.

What does the maturity date mean?

Each PT and YT has an maturity date. For PT, you can redeem the full underlying yield-bearing token after this date. For YT, the yield of the yield-bearing token is only accrued up until the maturity date, after which YT has no value.

What do I receive in return for providing liquidity?

  • Swap fees generated by the pool

  • Napier Points

  • Protocol rewards emitted by the underlying asset (e.g. $CRV, $CVX and EigenLayer points)


Is Napier audited?

The Napier codebase has been fully audited by reputable auditors and all flaws have been addressed. Read the audit reports here. Nonetheless, users are advised to exercise caution and deploy funds prudently.

What risks are there associated with using the protocol?

Since Napier interacts with third-party protocols and contracts, there is inherent risk associated with the smart contracts and systems deployed by the third-party protocols. Napier is not responsible for any funds lost due to exploits in third-party contracts.

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