Napier Finance: The end game for Curve ecosystem. A liquidity hub for yield/point trading powered by Curve ecosystem.

What does Napier do?

We provide users with tools for crafting yield.

There are 3 main parts to understand NapierProtocol:

  1. Minting System

    A system for dividing yield bearing assets into separate tokens representing claims on principal and claims on yield (called "Principal Token (PT)" and "Yield Token (YT)").

  2. Napier Pool

    A components for creating a base pool using Curve pools for yield trading.

  3. Curve Pool

More information can be found at Protocol Mechanism.

Practical Examples

Napier is an incredibly useful tool for a diverse set of actors within the DeFi space. If you have exposure to any yield in DeFi, using Napier allows you to always choose the best practices, regardless of market conditions, such as:

  • Fixed Rate: Lock in the yield on your position, removing any uncertainty about future returns.

  • Upfront Yield: Napier allows you to obtain your anticipated yield upfront, giving you immediate access to funds that generally take months or years to accrue.

  • Yield (Point) Trading: Yield Tokens (YTs) represent the right to future yield, allowing you to trade and speculate on interest rate (APR) fluctuations, akin to buying a token and gaining exposure to its price changes.

  • Liquidity Provision: Providing liquidity in Napier offers the opportunity to earn from swap fees, keeping you entitled to yield accrual and all sorts of incentives.

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