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To participate in the Llama Race, connect your wallet and X account. Linking your X account is optional but recommended as it offers several benefits. Users have the opportunity to earn points based on the following point logic:

  • Connect wallet : 5 pts (first time only)

    • When you connect your wallet, your ENS is shown.

  • Connect and follow Twitter: 5 pts (first time only)

    • When you connect and follow on Twitter, your Twitter profile picture is displayed.

After that, users can join the Referral program and vote for their favorite projects.

Referrals on Napier Finance

Referrals are now live for the Llama Race! You can generate your referral link by connecting your wallet on app.napier.finance/llamarace where you'll find a button to generate the link.

As for signing up via your referral link, you and your friend will both earn 100 Napier points!

And for every 2 ETH deposited, you and your friend will both earn 1,000 Napier points!

Happy yield trading and remember to spread the cheer to everyone!

Voting your llamas

Users who vote for the project with the highest number of votes will be able to earn a boost that can increase their Napier points by up to five times at the end of the Llama Race.

You’ll need to promote the project you voted for to get as many votes as possible to win!

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